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HASSAN & HASSAN ASSOCIATES is a Group of Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, and Developers; well versed to execute design and construction projects requiring superior quality combined with quantity. Every effort has been made to equip the enterprise with the latest expertise, specialized professional staff and technical facilities.

We are a Group of young professionals with great potential for growth and expansion; have successfully completed many projects at our back and are looking forward for challenges ahead.

HASSAN & HASSAN Associates is being run and managed by competent and experienced Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers. We are pleased to quote more than 14 years experience in planning, designing, construction and management of various architectural, Interior Design and land development projects. We are confident that with our technical know-how, working knowledge and practical experience; we shall achieve our objectives in execution of all projects to the requirements of our honored clients.


All large projects whether residential, commercial, public, religious, institutional or industrial involve the design, construction and supervision, which can be taken up by HASSAN & HASSAN Associates. In this age of specialization in each sector, the designing firm having an understanding of varied designs and practical experience of construction, construction techniques and specifications can handle projects very successfully.

Our firm is well staffed to meet the challenging requirements in the execution of projects. We have sufficient number of qualified architects, engineers, technicians & skilled and semi-skilled staff, which adequately meet the requirements for a company of its size. We have a diverse and useful experience in planning, designing and implementation of projects.

Design projects of any size are undertaken and design teams are tailored to suit each project. The company also prides itself in being able to take advantage of the technical experience of some specialized companies through joint ventures.

The architectural and engineering staff of the company regularly attends training courses to ensure that they remain abreast of the latest design, technological and constructional developments in the field.

Technical and informatory facilities include a comprehensive library and a computer aided design studio.


The professional background, technical know-how, varied experience, and administrative competence of the management assures capability of the Group to handle big projects so as to ensure excellent performance in designing and turnkey projects. HASSAN & HASSAN Associates, guarantees the high degree of competence from our professional staff and first class workmanship from artisans both skilled and semi-skilled. The Group comprises of professional architects, interior designers, civil, structural, electrical, mechanical engineers and town planners. There exists supporting staff of surveyors, foremen, draftsmen in addition to administration and accounts that makes the group a well-managed organization.


We aim to bring a new era in design and project management. Our design and construction techniques evolve around flow diagrams of production process, allowing efficient and economic operations while retaining flexibility for making adjustments to the growing and varying needs of the job in hand.

The nature and scope of HASSAN & HASSAN Associates objectives in the design and construction industry performs a multifaceted role. First of all the planning & design of the project according to requirements of the client, focusing on functional efficiency and economy of the project. Then, the evolution of higher order of constructional solutions simultaneously required for competition and efficient execution. Thirdly, search for solutions to problems of execution and detailing in construction.
This three-pronged role manifests itself in the performance of our works and in short we aim for excellence.